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    Hi, welcome to JADED!

    Together we can break down stigmas & redefine self care.


    Empowering you to look & feel your best every day.



    Redefining the meaning of JADED.

    Several years ago, we held the typical stereotype about cannabis. We were uneducated and naive about everything the plant had to offer. Some would call us JADED.

    Once we tried CBD and witnessed the incredible benefits, we decided to learn more. We discovered that CBD is completely different from the negative stigma we associated with it. While we loved CBD, we couldn’t find anything that met our standards. So we’re doing something about it.

    We’re using our years of experience in the consumer goods industry to create something we would use. Something that’s good for you and makes you feel good too.
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    We donate 5% of all profits to organizations that support diverse communities and charter meaningful change.

    When women rise, we all rise. At JADED, we’re focused on providing resources to organizations that educate, mentor, and empower the next generation of women.



    01. YOU

    Jaded is obsessed with you and your bold, authentic self. We listen to your feedback and make decisions that benefit your short and long-term wellness goals.


    We are committed to making products that work, for the short and long-term. You don’t have time to waste, which is why’ll we’ll be there for you when you need it.

    03. QUALITY

    We believe only the highest-quality ingredients should fuel our bodies, which is why we strictly use wholesome ingredients that are effective, safe, and non-psychotropic. You deserve the best, so you can live your best.

    04. HONESTY

    We hold ourselves accountable for the products we make and the ingredients that go into them. We promise to provide clear and unhindered honesty in the way our products are formulated and designed. There is minimal regulation in today’s environment and we refuse to compromise our standards.


    We’re in this together. Our culture is aimed to uplift, encourage, and motivate women world-wide. We are inspired by you, the go-getters, dreamers, and risk-takers. We are dedicated to creating a community that supports and pushes one another to be the best version of them self.

    Interested in learning more about CBD?

    With countless CBD brands out there, it's tough to figure out which one is best for you. Sign up to download our free CBD buying guide so you can find one with ease.